Chapter 1

   Have you ever noticed that something weird happens to us when it comes to our sports idols?

We watch them on a 46’ plasma flat screen in the comfort of our homes or neighbourhood bar

while they sweat it out on the court, the field or the ice. We read every headline about

them online and in the papers. We follow their Twitter feeds and Instagram accounts.

We like their Facebook pages and add their highlight videos to our Favourites on YouTube.

Some go even further by studying and memorize their stats in such depth that they can recite

them easier the Lord’s Prayer. And sometimes, on a rare occasion, we might even get to shake

their hand and possibly exchange a few words. And from all that, we presume to know them.

   Take for example the legendary Winnipeg Blue Bomber, #59, Lyle Bauer, a charismatic

leader and competitor known for playing through injuries and leaving it all on the field.

In a career spanning 11 years, #59 was a sports icon in Winnipeg. He became a role model

and a celebrity during a stretch of some of the best football years in Winnipeg Blue

Bombers’ history.

   He was a divisional all-star and the club’s top lineman in 1988. He helped his team capture

three Grey Cup Championships in 1984, 1988 and 1990 and was inducted into the Winnipeg 

Blue Bombers Hall of Fame in 1998.
   Lyle hung up the pads and helmet after the 1991 season and moved into the Blue Bomber’s

front office. He became Winnipeg's Assistant General Manager and held that position for

three years before becoming the General Manager. 

   He left the Bombers in 1995 to pursue business opportunities in the grain industry,

working for AgPro in Calgary, where he served as the company's General Manager.
   Bauer returned to the Winnipeg club in 2000 taking over management of the organization.

   As President and Chief Executive Officer, his innovative strategies helped lift the Blue Bombers out of its $5-million debt and became a model example for the entire league.
   The Winnipeg Blue Bombers made the postseason seven of the ten seasons Bauer was at the helm and the team advanced to the Grey Cup in 2001 and 2007. The club hosted five playoff games and one Grey Cup during Bauer’s tenure.
   He left the Winnipeg Football Club in 2010 with a record of 90-88-2, moving on to lead the Calgary Stampeders. He spent three years as President and COO of the club.
   It’s evident that Lyle Bauer has made a significant impact both on and off the football field since being drafted in 1979. His resume is impressive. It’s interesting. It’s intriguing. But it means nothing.

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What Doesn't Kill You

                The Lyle Bauer Story

What Doesn't Kill You


The Lyle Bauer Story 

What Doesn't Kill You is about fight, hope, inspiration and that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. It is also about how profoundly everyone is changed when this beast kicks your door down without an invitation and turns lives upside down. The human spirit may be the most powerful energy on earth.  The will to live, love, and survive makes us all miracles.  

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