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Corporate Consulting

Over the last number of months I have had a lot of inquiries from people asking what I’ve been up too. Most People know that I spend a lot of time in support of the Never Alone Foundation and its associated events supporting patients and families fighting cancer.

Promoting our recent book, What Doesn’t Kill You which supports the Foundation has also been a time consuming and extremely successful project. We’ve done numerous  corporate signings and events where companies have purchased books for their staff. Those have been a lot of fun.

Recently I’ve become involved with the 2023 World Police Firefighter Games in Winnipeg through our great friends at United Firefighters of Winnipeg. Having a father who was honoured by being put on the "Fallen Firefighter" Wall in Colorado Springs has a lot to do with this as well as great friendships with Chad Swayze, Alex Forrest, and others.

So to support and allow Heidi and myself to continue our philanthropic work, over the past number of years I have engaged in Business Consulting, focusing on Executive Coaching, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Troubleshooting, and Leadership Management just to name a few.

I also do small and large group presentations/talks for other charities and companies. 


A Senior Executive possessing post secondary education in business and successful Senior Management Experience in the agri-food, professional sports/entertainment, stadium management, political, and real estate industries.

Demonstrated proficiency in:

MANAGEMENT. Professional management of large multi-faceted organizations with a strong emphasis on strategic planning, business development, negotiations, public relations, motivation, and staff development.

SALES AND MARKETING. Strong sales and marketing background. Major contributor in developing and promoting major corporate sponsorship, media relations/appearances, public relations, fund raising and corporate development.

A results oriented, high achiever with strong negotiation and leadership skills. Long term orientation to business including the business aspects of community, cooperative, and publicly traded organizations.

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What Doesn't Kill You

The Lyle Bauer Story 

What Doesn't Kill You is about fight, hope, inspiration and that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. It is also about how profoundly everyone is changed when this beast kicks your door down without an invitation and turns lives upside down. The human spirit may be the most powerful energy on earth.  The will to live, love, and survive makes us all miracles.  

Procees support the Never Alone Foundation and the CFLAA Support Fund

For more information or interviews, contact us at Inquiries@lylebauer.com

Net proceeds from the sale of What Doesn't Kill You

go to support the Never Alone Foundation and the 

​CFLAA Support Fund.